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Date: 01/01/05

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    Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2005 17:20:07 -0500

    Michelle wrote:
    > > *You* are responsible for keeping your PC spyware-free, Michelle.
    > >
    > > So How Did I Get Infected Anyway?
    > >
    > >
    > > Michelle wrote:
    > > > for keeping my pc spyware free for 30 days for FREE for 30 days.
    > > >
    > > >
    > Of course I am, it's my computer, but microsoft built this os, and by the
    > way it's kind of stupid them giving you the power and supposedly an
    > add-on to windows xp sp2 if they are going to make you pay for it. Why
    > put it there to begin with? Download a free trial or something, so
    > stupid, but it's supposed to be an add on to windows xp sp2 security
    > center, but they charge you for it?
    > I take care of my computer just fine, thankyou.
    > I have both Spysweeper and PestPatrol (Spysweeper) is the program
    > currently installed on my computer, but I don't think any of us users
    > want our computers becomming an ad for microsoft to buy more of their
    > products from them. What is the security center spyware thing going to
    > be replaced with after they start selling the program, a buy now option?
    > I mean come on.

    You're taking many liberties with your inferences above, Michelle.

    - MS has not confirmed that GAS will be available only via paid

    - MS has not said that GAS will be an add-on to Security Center, and I very
    much doubt that it will be. Most certainly, you will not be /forced/ to
    install and use GAS.

    In all likelihood, the MS-owned version of GAS will be just another useful
    addition to our Anti-Malware Toolboxes which already contain SpySweeper,
    Pest Patrol, Ad-aware, Spybot, SpywareBlaster, WinPatrol, IE-SpyAd, et alia.
    This list would also include any GAS versions installed prior to MS's
    acquisition of the application.

    The following is what MS /has/ said about GAS:

    Today [16 Dec-04], Microsoft announced that we have acquired GIANT Company
    Software Inc., a New York-based company that develops anti-spyware and
    Internet security products. The goal of this strategic investment is to help
    our customers keep spyware off of their computers with new solutions that
    they can use in the near future. It also provides us with a solid foundation
    for delivering new long-term solutions.

    In order to help protect customers as soon as possible, we plan to roll out
    a beta offering of a new spyware prevention, detection, and removal solution
    based on Giant's technology within the next month. The solution, which will
    be available for Windows 2000 and later operating systems, will enable
    customers to decide whether to block, find and remove spyware and other
    unwanted software from their PCs. Together with the security technologies in
    Windows XP Service Pack 2 that improve the security of browsing, this
    solution will offer a higher level of protection for customers on the

    We are also tackling the spyware issue in other ways, including consumer
    guidance & engagement, industry collaboration and cooperation with
    legislators & law enforcement.

    This acquisition reflects Microsoft's deep commitment to security. We intend
    to continue investing in solutions to help protect customers against all
    types of malicious software, not just spyware.

    Details on timing and terms of product availability for our new anti-spyware
    offerings are yet to be determined. It will be available for Windows 2000
    and later operating systems.

    Microsoft has posted more information on our efforts to combat spyware on:

    ~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
    MS MVP-Windows (IE/OE) 

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