From: Steve Riley [MSFT] (
Date: 12/29/04

Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 08:07:08 -0800

If your worry is about others using your computer, wouldn't simply not allowing
anyone to use it be the best thing to do?

Steve Riley

> Hi there, I've just downloaded MSN messenger version 6.2.0137. It
> works fine, though the thing that is annoying me is that when anyone
> opens up me Messenger all they have to do is click on "sign in" and it
> automatically signs into my account. How can I disable that? I have
> been to the "tools" menu, "general" tab and unticked the "allow
> automatic sign in when connected to the net" however still when I
> start up my messenger all someone has to do is click sign in and they
> get into my account. My computer also has Windows Messenger in it.
> Hope someone can help me on this matter.
> "Steve Clark [MSFT]" wrote:
>> I did some more digging around here, and you can probably address the
>> auto-sign in thing under the tools-options menu, general tab and
>> uncheck the appropriate boxes there for automatic sign in when
>> windows starts, etc.
>> "HOTMAIL ACCESS" <> wrote in
>> message
>>> How do you disable automatic sign on - ie. it automatically allows
>>> others
>>> to
>>> click on '' and the password is already entered. I
>>> don't
>>> want
>>> others to use my computer to have access to my email.
>>> Also, how do I remove the older version of MSN messenger when I've
>>> updated to 6.2 version?
>>> Thanks.

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