Re: Open File - Security Warning: The publisher could not be verif

From: Donna Buenaventura (
Date: 11/30/04

Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 22:53:56 +0800

Hi again,

Try downloading the program again then save it in another location then
proceed in running/installing it again.

If no luck, add it to the list of low risk files:
Start the Group Policy Editor (Start>Run then type gpedit.msc and press OK).

Go to User Configuration>AdministrativeTemplates>Windows
Components>Attachment Manager then configure "Inclusion list for low file
types" to
Enabled and enter the file types you don't want to be warned about in the
box (for example: .exe, gif, bmp).

Close the Group Policy Editor then try to run again the file application.
If successful and done, you might want to undo the changes you made in the
Group Policy Editor to help protect the system.

If no luck again, try downloading it using another browser (Firefox or
Mozilla). Just make sure that you will download the file from the correct
and trusted source.

"SUHelpDesk" <> wrote in message
Hi Donna,

No, Novell is not listed as an Untrusted Publisher or Trusted.

"DBuenaventura (MVP-Security]" wrote:

> Try to verify that the vendor/publisher is not listed in the "Untrusted
> Publisher".
> IE>Tools>Internet Options>Content Tab. Select "Untrusted Publisher"
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> Donna Buenaventura
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> "SUHelpDesk" <> wrote in message
> > We are getting a "Windows Security" error warning us of an "unknown
> > publisher" everytime we try to open a particular program. We thought
> > that
> > setting the security to low in IE would fix the error, but alas it
> > didn't.
> >
> > We are positive that there error is due to a setting in Windows since
> > it's
> > only happening randomly on various computers since the upgrade to sp2.
> >
> > The first error we get is:
> > "Open File - Security Warning: The publisher could not be verified. Are
> > you
> > sure you want to run this software."
> >
> > We clickon Run and then we get this error:
> > "Error: Unable to load f:\public\..."
> >
> > Is there are security setting in gpedit.msc or is there a registry
> > setting
> > that needs to be changed?
> >
> > Thank you for any of your help!
> >
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