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From: Shenan Stanley (
Date: 11/15/04

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 02:37:58 -0600

security big problem wrote:
> I have a really big problem..someone it's entering my e-mail account
> and my MSN. When I use MSN someone write instead of me...
> I have also received an e-mail from an hotmail address:
> '', but apparently that address does not
> exists... Please help me because it is a very clear violation of my
> privacy....

someone wrote:
> Shenan ! The answer you gave is quite insulting.
> Ever thought about the fact that not everyone control the English
> language as you do ?
> And did you ever tried to use another language beside your own ?
> Also, i understood the original poster straight away despite his
> grammar.
> And no i didnt read all the nonsense you put here as an answer,
> simply because its incorrect.

Yes I have used other languages than my native one.
Please reread - if I wanted to be insulting, I certainly would have been
much harsher than: "I realize English may be a second language for you, so I
will try to
translate what you said."

The information I put is not incorrect and the conclusion you come to (for
being "hacked") is more likely to be incorrect and even if it is not - is
covered in my post.

> The answer is easy but harsh for the original poster : YOU HAVE BEEN
> The best thing to do is to FDISK you harddisk (if you dont know this
> then get someone to help you), then FORMAT it and reinstall windows.

Yeah - your MSN account has been hacked.. So formatting will fix it.
Okay.. heh

As for the "best thing".. I disagree - the best thing is to clean it up and
learn how to prevent it in the future if it is indeed true - or chance
repeating the same mistakes again. A clean install may be your only choice
and it may actually make things better in the short term, but if you
continue with the same habits...

> Before you do this be sure make a backup of all the stuff you want to
> keep but dont put it back on your harddisk before you are sure that
> the backup contains no contamination of any sort (Virusses, Trojans,
> worms etc.)

Backups should continue to be made, even after you solve your issues - on
some regular basis. Minimize ill-results of unplanned problems!

> After you done this you want to change the password for your hotmail
> account as well as all the password you ever typed !
> Why ?
> Because someone seemed to be logging all the keystrokes you made,
> including your passwords, and uses it to get into your email and
> probably some more private stuff.

Yes - changing your passwords is a good thing - especially with "strong"
passwords, like the examples I gave in my post.. Not sure where you got
that they were definitively being logged. However, I do agree that the
changing of passwords is a necessary thing - but only AFTER they have
cleaned their machine!

> It's good to have some kind of security installed too, i recommend
> the following :
> - AVG antivirus, this can be downloaded FREE at
> - Activate you windows firewall and be sure to do a windows update.
> - You can install anti-spyware programs, but as long as you keep a
> normal surfing habit you shouldn't be needing them too often. (They
> tend to attract spyware according to my research !)

Your experience with spyware must be limited or you must have been
installing the ones listed on this page:

The antispyware applications I list are tested very thoroughly by myself and
recommended by many of my respected peers (here and in my other daily
interactions.) They do not "attract" spyware. In fact - several of them
provide immunization methods preventing infestation.

> I dont hope, i know this helps!

Possibly. But the only way you will ever *know* is if the OP comes back.

<- Shenan ->
The information is provided "as is", it is suggested you research for
yourself before you take any advice - you are the one ultimately
responsible for your actions/problems/solutions.   Know what you are
getting into before you jump in with both feet. 

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