win2k3 and isa2k vulnerability scan

From: gotenks (gotenks_at_dragonball.z)
Date: 11/01/04

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    Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 12:42:45 -0800

    I ran a nessus (free open source vulnerability scanner)
    scan on my 'public-ip/web server'. It was able to
    identify the version of ISA and IIS that i was running.
    It also reported a MS Predictable TCP sequence
    vulnerability, i dont know if it was referring to
    Win2k3/IIS 6.0 or ISA2K. The recommendation for the tcp
    sequence vulnerability was to get a patch from the
    vendor? It also recommended to use URLSCAN to hide the
    identity of IIS 6.0? Does anyone know how i can get that
    patch from MS for the tcp sequence vulnerability, and how
    to configure urlscan to hide the IIS version im using?

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