Re: Backup B4 Update XP SP2

From: Bigbruva (
Date: 10/14/04

Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 10:27:07 -0700

Sorry Thomboy
The Windows backup tool does not support backups to any recordable CD or DVD
Your best bet is to use NERO or (if you have the space on your hardisk)
backup to the hardisk and use XP (or Nero) to move the backup file to the
BTW it is possible to restore from a CD just not to backup to one.


"Thomboy" <> wrote in message
> When doing a backup before downloading and installing the new XP Service
> Pack
> 2, I want to backup my system, and have selected custom backup. There are
> 4,182 files to backup, with 1,052,023,860 bytes.
> I cannot get the option for my CD Burner to work when using the Wizard for
> System Tools, and the Backup Wizard. My choices only include the floppy
> drive A (too many 1.44 MB disks needed), and my Iomega Zip drive (100MB
> per
> disk), but I cannot see Drive H (CD-Burner) to backup all the files.
> Is there a go-around to enable the Wizard backup for System Tools to do
> the
> backup, or should I just use NERO to back up the files to a CD-Rom Disk
> and
> forget the Microsoft Backup Wizard for System Tools?
> Thanks, Thomboy