RE: Norton vs Windows Security Center

From: DeBorA (
Date: 10/08/04

Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 11:55:08 -0700

I am sticking with Norton now it is working again, but if it give me further
problems I will take a look at AVG and thanks for the advice.

"TheBFG" wrote:

> What version of Norton are you using? If it is 2003 it has issues with SP2
> If I were you I'd dump it ( if your subscription is due soon) and go for AVG
> free.
> I did this a while ago and have no trouble getting updates for it. It has
> protected me well enough and uses less resources
> "DeBorA" wrote:
> > Norton Anti Virus Liveupdate won't update definitions. (I did download and
> > uninstall/reinstall latest ver Liveupdate). Norton Tech advice says if you
> > have installed Windows XP Service PK 2, there is a fix get it through
> > Liveupdate? What? Question why don't I just dump Norton and run with Windows
> > Security Center it says it has Virus Protection and Firewall and its auto
> > update appears to work. Would I be reasonably protected?

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