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Date: 10/02/04

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I don't generally answer questions like this with an exact answer, and I
will not this time, either. Although I hold my own personal opinions, the
fact is that there isn't really a "best" antivirus program out there. Some
are better than others, but most will be adequate to protect the average
user. Most home users have a similar set-up, which is why in many cases it
is easier to choose an antivirus program for them. Since you gave no
scenario, I will assume that you are among the home users group. If not,
this information does not apply to you.

There is an old saying that says 10% of viruses cause 80% of infections;
this has been around for ages, and remains more or less true. An industry
standard list of what viruses are currently spreading called the WildList
has about 1,000 listed. Other viruses not listed also cause infections, but
most infections are caused by viruses on this list. Most antivirus programs
can detect almost all, if not all, of the entries on the WildList. Virus
Bulletin, an industry magazine, periodically holds tests to see how certain
antivirus programs can detect entries on the WildList. You can find the
results here:

If you are looking for temporary protection before getting an antivirus
program, you could try Grisoft's AVG ( It's
probably the most commonly used free antivirus program, and generally scores
well on VB's tests.

I'd recommend looking through VB's site, plus reviews in magazines like PC
Magazine, before making a decision. However, most antivirus programs detect
the most common threats out there. Whatever product fits your needs and
price range is probably the best product for you, although it never hurts to
check sources like VB's 100% test.

Hope this helps!

Benjamin "Trafton" Johnstone-Anderson
Microsoft MVP, Windows Security
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> Im trying to get an antivirus but first I would like to
> know which one offers the best security and stability.
> Please help me.