Re: X-Win32 and SP2

From: Neil A. (
Date: 10/02/04

Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2004 06:59:08 -0700

Thank you for the reply and suggestion. Unfortunately, it
did not work. I have seen this KB article, which is how I
knew to unblock UDP 177. Any other suggestions? This
problem occurs on each of Windows XP systems (Home or
Pro) that have been patched with SP2.


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>Open UDP port 6000 as well.
>"Neil A." <> wrote in
>> Since installing XP SP2 my X-Win32 (x-windows)
>> application no longer connects to my Linux machine.
If I
>> turn off the firewall it works fine. I have unblocked
>> the program and created exceptions for TCP Port 6000
>> UDP Port 177.
>> Has anyone run into a similar problem? If so, have you
>> been able to solve the problem?
>> Thank you,
>> Neil