Re: spywarestormer

From: Tim Holman \(MVP - Security\) (
Date: 09/30/04

Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 17:13:28 +0100

Hmmm... the website tells me I have 46 infections
too, but it's just a jpeg on a web page, not an interfactive spyware
scanning process, so I wouldn't worry about it !
The catch is that although you can SCAN for free, to actually fix the issues
you need to purchase a copy.

Here's my 2 pennies - these are all FREE, reputable utilities...

Getting rid of the problem...

1) Download and run HijackThis (HJT)
2) Verify the files that you see in the HJT log using
3) Use HJT to remove offending files
4) Install and run LavaSoft AdAware -
5) Run a full virus scan in Safe Mode, or use Stinger -
6) For specific virus infections, manual instructions may need to be
followed - post up what (if anything) is detected and we will advise

Stopping it happen again..

1) Download a pop-up blocker - eg
2) Install Lavasoft AdAware and run regular scans, or just leave it and
have it handy for when problems start recurring.
3) Keep your AV software up to date
4) Enable Internet Connection Firewall
5) Stay vigilant. Don't bother opening non-work related email attachments,
or install an on-access virus scanner so that it doesn't matter if you do.
6) Keep up to date with the latest threat trends -
7) Look at a host IPS - eg to cover your machine between when
a virus hits the wild and when a patch is finally released that fixes it.
Average time is roughly 6 days.
8) ..and finally, make sure all your patches are up to date. The MSBA is
very good at this -

"Bazzer" <> wrote in message
> I have just had a popup frome spyware telling me spyware
> has found 46 infections in my computer and is prompting
> me to scan my pc now FREE of charge and goes on to say by
> scanning I agree to spyware end user license agreement.
> Can anyone tell me this is safe.