Re: Windows 2003 Server security vs Red hat Linux

From: Phillip Windell (_at_.)
Date: 09/30/04

Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 08:37:45 -0500

"Steve" <56steve19_at_hotmail_dot_com> wrote in message
> And you're professing your faith as a "Microsoft guy"?

I'm just a "realist". I've been in that "MS vs Linux" enough to know what
to expect from people. It is like aurguing Ford vs Chevy in an auto parts

But if I was to profess any faith...I guess it would be MS. They've done a
lot for me personally by their own choice and I don't even work for them.

> Steve, a "platform neutral guy"

We use Ms, Linux, Solaris, IRIX, and Macs at our facility. There are days
when they all stink,...or I stink,...or sometimes it is just a full moon.

Phillip Windell [MCP, MVP, CCNA]