Re: Google!

From: Vanguardx (see_signature)
Date: 09/29/04

Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 21:02:22 -0500

"Skorpion" <skorpion@newsgroups.cetro.nil>
wrote in
> All that having been said, the likelyhood that any of it applies in a
> given workplace is little to none (or perhaps even less).
> Not that I disagree with any of it; just that the lack of the
> "intelligence" of which you speak is what keeps me in business...
> Personally, as long as folks continue to do what the OP wishes to do,
> I can continue to put gas in my truck and buy new computer toys.

Ah, yes, the job security in securing networks that low-tech companies
are too stupid, too lazy, or too cheap to secure themselves - until they
get stung.