Re: GDIScan results - what now

From: AndyMac (
Date: 09/27/04

Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 18:06:37 +0100

If this file is in the root directory of the F drive and you've no
applications installed on the F drive then I wouldn't worry about this too

Check the file properties for anything that may give a clue to it's origins.
Check the date created on the file and search for other files on your PC
created around that time - that may give you an idea what application it was
installed with. Also, there's the chance that you've managed to copy it to
your F drive as part of a backup.

If you're really struggling to find the source of the file, rename it to
gdiplus.old. If something's using it you'll find out soon enough, it you
need it you can change the name back :)


"David E" <> wrote in message
> The scan result was:
> Scanning Drive F:...
> F:\gdiplus.dll
> Version: 5.1.3097.0 <-- Vulnerable version
> Scan Complete.
> F drive is an old drive I kept after installing a larger
> drive - which is now my C drive. I mostly use F for file
> backups.
> But I'm not sure what application - if any - uses this
> dll.
>>-----Original Message-----
>>You should be able to work out which application that
> file belongs to from
>>where it's stored on your machine. Once you know that
> then go to the vendor
>>for a patch.

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