Re: Please explain secure file deletion methods

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Date: 09/23/04

Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 07:08:19 -0400



Headtheball wrote:
> I am neurotic
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>> says...
>>> I have run a program called Recover my files and discovered loads and
>>> loads
>>> of files that I thought that I had deleted. I ran a program called
>>> resoration (as advised by another NG user but this didn't find any of
>>> the
>>> files that Recover my files did only recently deleted files. I ran
>>> several
>>> other progs that claimed to overwrite previously deleted files but when
>>> I
>>> ran Recover my files none of them had been overwritten. Nothing that I
>>> do
>>> seems to get rid of these files. What on earth can I do?
>> Why is this such a big concern? In the other thread you'd posted that
>> you're using XP Home. If security is such a big concern, to the point
>> that you need DOD compliant wiping of your hard drive, you should really
>> be looking at XP Pro.
>> Why the fixation on wiping your drive so thoroughly? Is your computer in
>> danger of being stolen? Are you looking to get rid of your computer and
>> you want to make sure that no one can access deleted files on your hard
>> drive?
>> I'm all for security, however, there comes a point of diminishing
>> returns.
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