.Net framework 1.1 sp1 and gdiplus

Date: 09/22/04

Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 21:48:15 -0700


Thanks for the reply. However I wanted to know whether the
sp1 of .Net 1.1 framework redistributable takes care of
this issue. I mean by asking our clients to install the
sp1 will solve the gdiplus issue as well. Or the fix that
microsoft has given on their site will have to be
installed regardless of whether the sp1 is installed or

Sanjay Limaye

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>Microsoft has the fix for the GDI, download the .net
>framework first, if you haven't already got it.
>then download the fix.
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>>Could not find any newsgroup specific to .net and hence
>>posting here.
>>I would like to ask whether .Net service pack 1 takes
>>of the gdiplus.dll security issue. The foll. URL says
>>Microsoft .Net framework version 1.1 is affected.
>>So if i install sp1 of .net 1.1 will that overwrite the
>>gdiplus.dll on my machine, or I will have to use the
>>to download the gdiplus patch as given in the page
>>mentioned above.
>>Thanks in advance.
>>Sanjay Limaye