MVPs (or anybody) -- the recent "high priority" updates?

From: Steve Maser (
Date: 09/16/04

Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 16:20:26 -0400

This question has been posted in various forms by various people in
various newsgroups without an authoritative answer.

Can somebody step up to the plate?

Since the release of Service Pack 2 for XP in early August and turning
the "Automatic Updates" button on after restarting from the SP2

There have been 3 (three) "high priority" updates in Windows Update:

1) .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3

2) .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1

3) The GDI+ Detection Tool

None of these updates has "automatically installed".

Yet, they are listed as "high priority" updates in Windows Update.

Can somebody either post to say:

1) Yes, these updates have automatically installed on my machine with
Service Pack 2 installed and "automatically install" checked.

2) No -- these specific updates -- even though they are "high
priority" updates -- will *not* automatically install for the following

Yes -- these updates will *manually* install without a problem, so it's
not like Windows Update isn't "working".

Yet, I've checked with a large number of Windows Admins around Campus
here and - *to a person* - nobody has had any of these "high priority"
updates automatically install.

And we're wondering why not.

Because we're wondering if Automatic Updates is actually broken in SP2.

Which would be a "security" problem.


- Steve