Got a virus just by clicking on a URL

From: anonymous_allan (
Date: 09/12/04

Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 19:08:11 -0700

Hmm, I wonder what I have to change in my security
settings for the Internet zone in Internet Explorer to
prevent this from happening to me. I already block HTML in
emails but what happened to you wouldn't have protected
me, I guess.

In any case, thanks for warning us on this. I just put
that Web site in my Restricted Sites zone.

>-----Original Message-----
>I am using Win XP Pro, SP2, IE6. Zone Alarm and AVG virus
>How can I get a virus just by just clicking on a URL and
looking at a
>I clicked on this URL, which seems to contain a virus:
>When I ran AVG shortly afterwards, it reported the
js/psyme virus. It was in
>the Temporary Internet Files
>I traced it back to the above URL. It is also known as the
>ecard-hijack(1).htm virus.
>AVG did not complain about it when I clicked on the URL.
>Since the virus was in the Temp Internet Files, it
probably did not do any
>damage. I just cleared the Temp Int Files. Was it ever a
danger to my
>computer while it was in the Temp Int. Files?
>How can I avoid getting a virus just by viviting a
>The Happy Iconoclast

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