From: My Crow Soft (
Date: 09/10/04

Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 16:48:04 -0700

Are you saying that someone sent an instant message to you
via Yahoo! Messenger and that in that instant message,
there was a link that you clicked on, which in turn
installed and/or downloaded some kind of malware to your
computer? Is this what happened?

Please give more details on what exactly happened. Was
this a stranger or someone you knew?

>-----Original Message-----
>I have been hacked by someone at yahoo messenger, he has
sent a file, then I
>have downloaded it. When I ran it message appears with
sentence like this
>"Wrong memory block ID" then the file copied it self to
>services.exe it appears in Task Manager as services.exe
with CPU Usage around
>0 to 12 to 20%, User Name SYSTEM, and Mem Usage 1,544K.
When I try to end
>this process the Unable to Terminate Process dialog box
appears with this
>message "This is a critical system process. Task Manager
cannot end this
>Note: The services.exe icon looks like the cat Garfield.