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Date: 09/09/04

Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2004 20:07:28 -0700

I have Norton and I've never seen NORTONUPD.exe running on
my computer. Navapsvc.exe, NPROTECT.exe, and others, yes,
but never a NORTONUPD.exe. I also did a search for this
file on my computer and I don't have it. The fact that you
don't even have Norton installed is another red flag that
this might be malware.

A search on Symantec's site doesn't even show results for
a NORTONUPD.exe so this indicates that it is not a
Symantec/Norton process.

Another way to find out is to locate what folder this
NORTONUPD.exe is found in. If it isn't in a folder
with "Symantec" in the name of that folder, that's another
indication that this is malware.

A malware file might try to disguise itself by using a
name that is benign-sounding. For example, we all know
that Ad-aware is a wonderful and reputable spyware
scanner/cleaner. You might see adaware.exe running and
think it's not malware. In fact, it is: it's a variant of
the RapidBlaster parasite. The "real" and legitimate
process associated with Ad-aware is Ad-aware.exe (notice
how they look the same but the real one has the hyphen in
it). This NORTONUPD.exe might be malware (in fact, I'm
pretty convinced it is based on what I mentioned here
already) and it is trying to pass itself off as safe by
using the name NORTON.

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> my windows task manager shows NORTONUPD.EXE in processes
>window, I dont use Norton antivirus program , when i do
>search, any other running exe`s can be find in my
>computer except NORTONUPD.EXE . Is that programm any
>thing to do with Norton antivirus programm or no?
>and why I cant find on search?