How to add local machine to allowed sites for pop-up blocker?

From: Mickey Segal (
Date: 09/08/04

Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 18:41:13 -0400

The pop-up blocker in Windows XP SP2 blocks pop-up windows even from Web
pages run from the local computer. Is there a way to add the local machine
to the allowed sites for pop-ups?

For a Web page at an external URL you can specify its Web domain as an
allowed site for pop-ups. Is there a way to do the same for the local

I've tried clicking on the information bar when viewing a local page, as
done for external sites, but this does not work for local sites. Turning
off the pop-up blocker entirely does work, but it would be good to be able
to treat the local machine as one of one's allowed sites and not have to
turn off the pop-up blocker entirely.

Is there some way to do add the local machine to the allowed sites?