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Date: 09/05/04

Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2004 21:14:29 +1000

Try to boot from alternative media and make backup copies of the data files.
Then format, reinstall the OS and restore the data files - checking them for
viruses right away.

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> Virus created ghost drive on my PC
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> I have a virus on my PC that has created a ghost drive -
> G drive. The PC boots up with this drive and if I try to
> look at the properties on G drive the PC reboots. The
> virus also created ghost network adaptors. I had this
> virus about 4 months ago and after a lot of hassle
> managed to format my C drive which it had partitioned to
> create the ghost drive. The log on & and shut down
> windows are displayed as a variation of the genuine XP
> log on/shut down windows but the shutdown icon only
> restarts the PC again & I have to hold in the start
> button to shut it down. I have tried running in safe mode
> but the G drive is displayed as full but with 0 kb and
> cannot be deleted.
> This time though the recovery disk has no affect and I
> cannot format the C drive with a MS-DOS disk. I have
> tried taking out the C drive and using it as a slave
> drive in anothe PC in order to get rid of the
> virus/problem but that only caused the virus to start to
> infect the other PC so I shut it down and the checkdisk
> utility had to correct the 2nd PC. Any suggestions as to
> how to get rid of this virus/problem or how to install
> the infected C drive into my othe PC without it firing up
> the infected OS would be much appreciated.

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