A very boring spyware

From: André Wolf (andrecabal_at_unerj.br.spam)
Date: 09/03/04

Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2004 14:53:46 -0300

I have a spyware in my notebook that redirects pages as google , microsoft
and all .org sites to the buydomains.com.

1 -I already ran
spybot, ad-aware , sweeper ( almost it ) , hijacker, and others.

2 i already ran too
Trend micro online scan, symantec online scan and other onlines scan.

Nothing im my machine, the host file is ok, .

3- I attempted to use Mozilla and firefox, the same problem occur.

4-I was using windows XP in Brazil portuguese. So because this problem I
used the Toshiba recovery cd to reinstall my system, After reinstall, de
same problem occur , I didn't believe it.

5 I attempted to use commands as fdisk /mbr to clean de MBR table.
and the problem continue

I'm behind a router in a ADSL Line so I tryed to do it

6-Recovery my notebook with recovery cd, ( notebook without network
connection ) Install the Service Pack 2, verified if firewall is ok. I
restart the machine.

And the problem continues.

I'm suspicious that a toshiba program its doing this redirection, but I was
using this cd before without problens.

I already restoredthe notebook with the date outdated, but it didn't work

My next pass is to install Linux ......