Re: Virus/adware/spyware -- is there all-in-one protection in one program?

From: John Blaustein (
Date: 06/21/04

Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 21:46:14 -0700

Kent, thank you.

I have all Windows Updates installed. I check the site regularly and have
Auto Updates enabled (in XP Home). I have a hardware firewall -- SonicWALL.
I use AVG Free Edition and check for updates every morning.

I will look at Clearly, I need some additional real-time

The help you MVPs provide is invaluable. My sincere thanks to all of the


"Kent W. England [MVP]" <> wrote in message
> John Blaustein wrote:
> > Having had to deal with a virus that my AV program didn't find, I am
> > if anyone has found an "all-in-one" program to prevent viruses, adware,
> > spyware, etc.?
> You need Windows critical updates, a firewall, and an anti-virus program
> as Microsoft suggests, but until SP2 comes out (and perhaps after) you
> need tools to protect your browser. Anti-virus companies just aren't
> doing it in their products.
> I like Quik-Fix and SpywareGuard for real-time protection
> and Ad-aware and Spybot for routine scanning. But you also have to keep
> up with news about IE vulnerabilities and known exploits to become aware
> of your current vulnerabilities even with these aforementioned
> --
> Kent W. England, Microsoft MVP for Windows Security

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