Re: new users are getting gp for i dont know where

From: Dumbfounded (
Date: 06/20/04

Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 07:02:11 -0700

WOW! James, is English your native language, and were
you educated in the USA?
If so, what grade level did you complete? You're trying
to be an expert with your
computer, and you have set up your own domain. Yet you
can't express yourself
in reasonably good English.

>-----Original Message-----
>i have a new domain and the new user limited permission
and right like can
>not set there clocks is the future this is a
good thing. but for
>now i dont know how they got locked down... this just
started happening out
>the blue.......i can not find where the policy are
coming from ... I still
>have the default gp in place and under that the default
dc gp..... please
>help i have window 2003 dc's and user are mixed