Re: trojan horse problem?

From: John Keithley (JBKNOSPAM_at_$.com)
Date: 05/29/04

Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 15:43:26 -0400

Symantec doesn't not recognize any security products except their own.

"RC" <> wrote in message
> win platform is me. Running grisoft free version av. Running za free
> firewall. Use adaware, spybot s&d, cwshredder and spyware blaster. All
> current and up to date. Now for query. I went to hp's update site and
> advised me to go to 'symantec security check' web site and check my
> security and anti virus protection:
> Well, I proceeded thinking that nothing would come of it since I've been
> updating and running the above programs religiously. Under the security
> check, symantec said that I didn't have a firewall installed and I didn't
> have any anti virus program installed and advised me to install both. It
> suggested Norton Internet Security and Norton Personal Firewall.
> Under the anti virus section it found a trojan horse in the following
> c:\windows\Application
> zip. A while back I remember avg screen popping up saying it found a
> relating to the above, but the screen shut down immediately and went back
> windows. Is it safe to delete the above file? Is this a legit file that
> should be cleaned rather than deleted? If so, how do I go about cleaning
> the file since none of the programs I'm running detects it.
> BTW Is the fact that symantec not finding any anti virus and firewall
> some kind of gimmick to get you to try their products?
> --
> Thanks for your time and patience, RC