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Date: 05/07/04

Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 04:30:01 -0700

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If you are getting "bad mails" then it's not just about
your computer.

1. You should first of all change to a good email service
provider, one that is i) trustworthy and does not sell
your email address, ii) has server-side anti-spam
filtering facilities, and iii) has anti-virus facilities
so that nuisance emails are filtered out before they ever
get to you.

If you are using email for business you should look at an
email service provider that offers server-side filtering

2. Consider using two email addresses. Your main one
should be kept private and not be revealed in public or
quoted to people that you do not know and trust. Use your
second email address in other situations and be prepared
to change it if it starts becoming abused. You just
exposed your main email address publicly when you posted
to this newsgroup. Don't.

3. Do not put your main email address up on your own

4. Do not ever reply to spam.

5. Use the right email program. Use a real email program
such as Microsoft Outlook 2003, which has very good anti-
spam facilities built in and strong security in the face
of malicious attachments. Forget Webmail it is a waste of
time and is insecure, so forget HOTMAIL and MSN and those
services. Remember that all good email service providers
offer webmail as an additional feature whilst allowing
you to use a real email program, so there is no advantage
in services like hotmail. As for Outlook Express, don't
use it - upgrade to Outlook 2003, it's well worth the

Hope this helps,
Cecil Ward.

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