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From: Shannon Jacobs (
Date: 04/09/04

Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 22:23:27 +0900

Well, well, well. Just replaced one of my computers, and in testing, what do
we see here? Sandi Hardmeier, Microsoft MVP is STILL out there trying to
claim some credibility or competence or reading comprehension skill or
something? No substantial security-related issues today, but the new machine
is working quite well, and I'm in such a cheerful mood that I feel like
rehashing this thread a bit. I suppose it's a sad form of amusement, but
it's apparently what Sandi Hardmeier, Microsoft MVP wants.

(Or maybe it's semi-substantially worth noting that a brand new machine
already needed 16 Microsoft security patches right out of the box? Or was it
18? Never enough time for Microsoft to do it right the first time, but
always enough time to make the customers do it over, eh? *sigh* If I could
only bill Microsoft at my regular hourly rate for the time I spend dealing
with the [mostly security-related] problems Microsoft is responsible for,
then I would probably be rich enough to retire by now. Of course, I'm sure
all such liability was officially excluded somewhere in their disclaimers.
Just for grins, on this new machine I actually started scrolling through the
Microsoft license agreement when it asked me to accept it. Not actually
trying to read it, mind you, just trying to see how long the dang thing was.
It was still scrolling after a minute or two, so I got bored and just
checked the acceptance box.)

Anyway, I promised a thread rehash... Long time ago, probably early in
February, some newbie posted a comment that somehow caught my attention. I
posted a rather generic reply. Some TNI (typical newsgroup idiot) posted
some kind of insulting comment about my reply, apparently because I didn't
know a blessed acronym. Okay, TNIs like to do that kind of stuff, and it's
worth ignoring. However, in this case the insult then received an official
stamp of approval from Sandi Hardmeier, Microsoft MVP. No substantive
comment, just an approval of the insult.

A couple of weeks later, I somehow noticed the thread, probably from a
Google scan. The TNI still wasn't worth noticing, but the
Sandi-Hardmeier-Microsoft-MVP approval of the insult did stick in my craw,
so I posted a comment about how valueless the MVP reply was and wandered

Now I discover that Sandi Hardmeier, Microsoft MVP, had once again lept to
defend her (or his) honor, apparently within a day or so. No real defense,
so nothing worth saying about it. You can't create respect by screaming and
thumping your chest (or keyboard). But maybe you could use a newsgroup
scanning robot to improve your response speed?

Hey, Sandi Hardmeier, Microsoft MVP. The official purpose of the MVP program
is supposed to be to help Microsoft victims^H^H^H^H^H^H^H customers. If you
don't have anything helpful to say, maybe you should just keep your fat
fingers off of the keyboard. (By the way, I have no basis to know or care
whether or not the fingers are physically fat, but it's intended in a
metaphorical fatheaded sense.)

Basically confirms my impression regarding the effective death of the MVP
program. Hard to see why anyone with an actual life and actual competence
would put much effort into helping Microsoft make more money, but some of
the MVPs really provided a lot of valuable help back in those
pre-Sandi-Hardmeier days. However, as already noted, "free", "support", and
"Microsoft" have always failed to go together.

(Or maybe I'm just spoiled, since I was helpful enough that I normally got
paid for it? Anyway, I still think support is satisfying work, but not
always fully appreciated, and I confess I'm kind of glad to have moved
onward and upward...)

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> "Shannon Jacobs" <> wrote in message
> > Was it now?
> I believe that's what I said.
> > I actually raised a substantive and new security issue. One would
> > imagine that such a fine and upstanding security expert as Sandi
> > Hardmeier, Microsoft MVP, would have some substantive comment.
> Perhaps if you'd not taken more than 2 weeks at a time to respond I'd
> more credence in your assessment as a 'substantive and new security issue'
> comments. Surely 'substantive and new security issues' deserve more than
> occasional fly-by visit.
> > You know how much those CD's cost? The ones that they "reward" the
> > MVPs with? On old friend has become a publisher these years, and he
> > told me it costs them around 10 cents a piece for large runs.
> I'm intrigued that you consider such information to be of such importance,
> or relevant for that matter; did you perhaps think I would find it
> <G>
> > I think you (Sandi Hardmeier, Microsoft MVP) are overcompensated--but
> > I'm including the postage in my considerations.
> Ah, an attempt at insult. Tsk tsk.
> > You know, I'm still less than amused at your inability to address any
> > of the real issues after you went and stirred things up. Makes me feel
> > like just repeating the last little comment you were unable to deal
> > with in anything remotely resembling a constructive fashion. To whit:
> What was the issue again? Its been lost in the flaming. Something you
> should, perhaps, keep in mind the next time you try trolling.
> > Well, well, well. What a deep and "valuable" response:
> It was all that was required.
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