Re: Two computers on DSL box IPsec problem?

From: Steven Umbach (
Date: 02/01/04

Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2004 03:47:36 GMT

How did you remove the ipsec? You should have unassigned the policy you assigned by right clicking the policy and selecting unassign and maybe rebooted the computer. Running netdiag on your XP Pro computer will run a bunch of tests including one on ipsec at the end of the report telling you if any ipsec policy is still assigned. Also your software firewalls including the built in one in XP can interfere with networking , however you should not disable until you have some other sort of firewall protection. If you were trying to encrypt/secure the traffic with ipsec ESP/AH, then it can only communicate with other ipsec aware operating systems such as W2K or another XP Pro machine and if not in a forest you will need a preshared key or certificate for machine authentication. I would suggest a hardware firewall at your dsl modem such as the Netgear ProSafe line for starting around $65 for an extra line of security instead of being that concerned about ipsec. --- Steve
  "Yellowbeard" <> wrote in message news:%231owg6G6DHA.3360@tk2msftngp13.phx.gbl...
  I have DSL
  I use an Action tec DSL modem.
  I have two computers, each connects to the box.
  I share a printer with the other computer.
  I use Tiny Personal Fire wall (full version) and Sophos Virus protection
  with latest updates.

  I am paranoid and read about IPsec in WinXP Pro.
  I followed the instructions I read about running mmc and adding the IPsec.
  Now the other computer can not see mine or the printer.
  I removed IPsec and it still will not see mine.
  I can see the other computer files and write, delete, as normal, but it can
  not see mine.

  How can I get the other computer to see mine and the printer again????

  There are so many variables that I will probably have to provide further
  I will be glad to provide what ever is needed.