Re: Remote site BDCs won't auth clients when T1 to AD 2003 is down LTLM?

From: Richard McCall [MSFT] (
Date: 01/16/04

Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 08:43:38 -0500

Depending on what clients you have if you do not have additional W2K DCs
then w2k and XP client will not revert to authentication from a NT4 DC if
the only W2k\w2k3 DC is not available. You could have used the registry
entry below to prevent that behavior until you had more w2k\w2k3 dc up.
However at this point you have two options.

1. Make the registry change on the W2k\W2k3 DC and then use netdom to rejoin
all the XP\W2k clients out and back into the domain.
2. Put a W2K DC at every site the you want authentication to continue if the
WAN link is down.

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> (Sorry for Multiple Posts- Have Pitty, I'm Old)
> I am totally screwed, I think. I need some adult supervision for my next
> step at solving a problem.
> We did an in place upgrade from NT4 PDC to 2003 Server w/ Mixed/Hybrid
> Active Directory. We took our PDC and upgraded it. We upgraded a second
> machine (BDC) and all seemed wonderful (DNS included).   Now, due
> to the structure of our domain, lack of through testing, and following
> Microsoft's directions to a tee, we are in a HUGE MESS!
> We have a main site which has our PDC emulator and several legacy BDCs. We
> have several remote sites that connect via to the main campus over speedy
> links. (You already know what I am going to say, right?) We have a BDP at
> each of the remote sites that have not been upgraded to 2000.
> Currently whenever we lose one of our T1 links overnight, in the morning
> nobody at the remote sight can authenticate to the domain even though a
> domain controller (NT4BDC) is on the same subnet and replication
> the domain is going perfectly. I have done several packet captures and it
> looks as if the clients are ignoring the local domain control and wanting
> authenticate themselves to an active directory box. It is as if they will
> not stand for NTLM authentication anymore having tasted the fruits of
> Kerberos. I have tried forcing the AD controller to do NTLM only- but that
> still didn't work. If I remove one of the computers from the domain and
> re-add it then it works if I force the AD to do NTLM. (this of course will
> not work if the machines are not able to get to the main campus in an
> situation.) I have tried flipping the machine's registry for NTLM to 1 but
> that didn't work either.
> Please, Please, Please HELP ME! Am I going to have to remove EVERY MACHINE
> let me know so I may kill myself.
> Your Old Hippy/ ex Cobol Programmer Friend.
> CappyClam