Norton Internet Security 2003 // switched off and could not be turned on again

From: Wolfgang Keller (
Date: 12/20/03

Date: 20 Dec 2003 03:29:44 -0800


I got the following behaviour which might stem from an attack or
(which I think is more likely) from a malfunction of Internet Security 2003
The symptoms ..
* first I noticed that I could not connect to any https:// site
* then I noticed that the Virus Scanner and the Firewall were switched
* then I tried to switch them on again but I was blocked by the password
  feature to do so
If an attacker would have done such a thing, then this would look the
hell like an attack - but I'm behind two firewalls and therefore the
machine is not very likely to get victim to port scans - email attacks would be
most likely for such a pattern - but I've seen no actual worm in the
alerts that has such a behavior and I tend to erase any unknown emails, do not
use outlook and the like ...

Anybody seen something similar?



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