Re: Microsoft - Install this patch immediately

From: Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] (
Date: 12/05/03

Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 11:31:51 -0500

Hey, play nice. The OP is just exercising caution, and asking for help. This
is a good thing.

*Vanguard* wrote:
> "elderconey" wrote
> in news:d68a01c3bafa$77762e50$a601280a@phx.gbl:
>> I have recived these attachment's (Att1txt and Att2txt).
>> Are these safe? has anyone else recived them. Says, Dear
>> friend, use this patch immediately.
> Time for an ego check. You think Microsoft even knows about you? You
> think Microsoft even cares about you? You think they waste all their
> time and resources to develop, implement, and host a Windows Update
> web site to then circumvent all that and instead send you e-mails
> regarding those same supposed updates?