Re: win2003 wts security
Date: 11/20/03

Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 23:59:32 -0800

yes, that's right, but i need to know where WTS gets
session key for rc4 encryption (is it provided by the
administrator or is it derived from the user password NTLM
hash or maybe it's something else)

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>I can't find anything better than this:
>which describes RC4 encryption.
>I don't know the answer with regard to authentication--I
think any auth
>supported by Windows Server 2003 will work over RDP.
The session is
>encrypted from the moment the RDP link is established--
i.e. including the
>authentication dialog.
>The link explicitly describes XP, but if you go up the
tree to "what's new
>in 2003" it doesn't mention any encryption changes.
><> wrote in message
>> Hello
>> Does anybody know what authentication (and encryption)
>> schemes are supported by windows 2003 terminal
>> MS-CHAPv2(NTLM)+RC4/128bit? that's all?
>> what about diffie-hellman algorithm + another ciphers?
>> where can get some info about this? i've looked ms site
>> (technet,msdn,support) but with no success
>> Thanx
>> Alex