Help With Spyware Please

From: MacKenrick (
Date: 11/10/03

Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 21:03:35 -0800

I am reposting this because the answer I got was not exactly what I was
looking for. Hope someone can help me.

My Home Page is and I like it but starting about a week ago, when I
launch IE I get a warning from Spybot that "Avenue A, Inc" (a spyware
program) is trying to load. If I change my Home Page to, I do not
get the warning when I launch IE. If I launch IE with Yahoo as my home
page, then go to, I get the Spybot warning that Avenue A, Inc. is
trying to load. (which indicates to me that Avenue A, Inc is somehow keyed
to load when I try to go to Can anyone tell me if I can reset IE
so I can keep as my home page without Avenue A, Inc trying to load?
(I've tried clearing all Cookies, IE Temp Files & History and rebooting but
that doesn't work). I don't know if it makes a difference but I DO NOT have
a static IP address. It changes each time I restart the computer and connect
to the Internet. Thanks for the help, Mac

I have a P-4, running Win XP Home on a PacBell DSL connection running
through a D-Link router ( Firewall for the Router is ON) , Win XP Firewall
is ON, and Spybot is ON. I know I can prevent Avenue A from loading using a
setting on Sypbot but I would like to know why Avenue A tries to load only
when going to Has Avenue A loaded some of program on my computer
to launch itself? Is there a way of preventing Avenue A from activating
when I try to go to (other then using something like Spybot). Like
I said earlier, this has never been a problem before so I figured there must
be a way of clearing it from my computer (without using Spybot). Thanks
again. Mac