Re: Spam mail

From: Alun Jones [MS MVP] (
Date: 11/03/03

Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2003 15:20:26 GMT

In article <01c401c39ff5$8d25bb50$a501280a@phx.gbl>, "sly0506" <> wrote:
>Forget it - Microsoft will not help us with this problem
>nor will - I just keep setting up new e-mail
>addresses on - every couple of months I have
>to set up a new one its so jammed up with this JUNK!

I'll repeat my request that you state explicitly what it is that you expect
Microsoft to be able to do about this. So far, all you've said is "they
must do something, they're not doing anything", when the evidence is to the
contrary. What should they be doing, in your opinion, that they aren't?

>No one seems to be able to tell me
>what 'Instsaller877.exe' does - if you find out let me

What do you need to know? Quite obviously, it installs the virus that sends
all these spam emails. More than that is unlikely to be useful knowledge.


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