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From: Galen Gregory (
Date: 10/20/03

Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 20:50:21 -0400

That's probably because it contains the SWEN virus. Microsoft never (or not
without prior consent from you and you're sure to know about it before hand
and I've never personally seen a situation where this happens) sends out
updates via mail. Munging your email address (see below - in my signature)
is a good idea to prevent some of this.

your_name@[munged-remove] is a good example of how to avoid this
in the future. It's good that you're keeping your antivirus updates up to
date. For a good example of what I personally consider good security you can
follow this:

Never read email in html format if you can help it - not with an email
client at any rate. Read them in plain text when ever available.

Look at the size of the email before you open it, if it's bigger then a
couple of kilobytes it probably contains junk you don't want anyway.

Update your Operating System to the latest patches and be sure to check back
weekly. This also applies to other security software - in fact all
software - but antivirus and firewall updates are essential as well.

Never open an attachment. Never. If you receive and attachment write back to
the sender asking what it is and why they sent it, if they don't confirm
this then don't open it. When you do open it then save it to your desktop
first (without opting to open it) and scan it with both an anti-trojan
application and an antivirus application.

Learn to compute safely, you learned (we hope) to drive a car in a safe and
responsible manner - the same applies to computers where not only do you
risk damaging your own computer but you risk harming those of other people
(friends and family included) as well.

Galen Gregory MS MVP Shell/User
Contact: galen_gregory (at)
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"lvnv3" <> wrote in message
> I have downloaded, from Microsoft Updates, the Cumulative
> Patch for the Internet Explorer 6, however I keep
> receiving something in my Yahoo e-mail box to download
> immediately, The Patch.
> when I checked into this attachment, my virus scan tells
> me the attachment is "dirty".  I keep deleting, but it
> keeps coming back.  Is this a legitimate Microsoft warning?
> I do not want any viruses and currently have McAfee virus
> scan.  Is this enough protection?
> Thank you.
> lvnv#

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