Re: question for Bill sanderson

From: Keith W. McCammon (
Date: 10/16/03

Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 09:12:58 -0400

I'm not Bill, but . . . :)

You need to go to This utility exists
for the very purpose that you describe. Download and install your service
packs first, and then go immediately back and see what you're missing in the
critical updates section.

Once you don't see any critical updates, you're in good shape. From there,
you can continue to check the utility from time to time to see if anything
pops up.

You should also see, sign up for the alerts,
and continue to check that page from time to time. Lots of good stuff

"Mr" <> wrote in message
> Hi-I have been reading these posts in hope of trying to
> learn a thing or two-It seems that you are well informed
> about microsoft windows updates-
> Im so new to the internet world & have a question:
> How can I check on my pc to see if I have all the needed
> updates that are automatically downloaded from windows?
> I went to the add/remove prgrams and saw I had a few
> hotfix updates installed-then I checked on a link to see
> if they matched the ones there (I dont know if I went to
> the right link but it was one that you recommended)
> Should I go to a link and install all or any patches that
> are not in my pc to make sure that I am safe-I have only
> had access to the internet for one year to date. So do I
> go only to that beginning date-I hope my question is
> understood-I appreciate your help on these updates.thanks