From: Robert Moir (
Date: 09/17/03

Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 15:24:38 +0100

xp slave wrote:

>> Ah.. so when everyone switches to Linux because it isn't a target...
>> who do you think will become the next target?
> Windows would still bear the brunt of attacks simply because of
> Microsoft's arrogance and incompetence in the design and coding
> aspects of Windows and the animosity that has created. While
> Microsoft certainly has the right to overcharge their customers for
> bloated security hole filled software, eventually users will tire of
> being taken advantage of (actually, they already are). That's the
> result of having a monopoly.

You really need to have a look at the latest version of Lindows - the
version of Linux that is being very heavily pushed as being ideal for home

Once you've had a look, hopefully taken all of 10 seconds to realise it has
a very bad security flaw that regresses it to the security level of Windows
95, come on back and I'll have a nice cup of coffee and a slice of humble
pie for you.