Re: Shame on Microsoft

From: BitsNotBytes (
Date: 08/21/03

Date: 21 Aug 2003 07:15:23 -0700

Nope. They specifically mentioned using the firewall on XP till the
patch was installed. The common correction on Nt,W2k,XP was disabling
the port till the patch was installed. The lack of product knowledge
was the fault of MS and anybody else in this NG till I mentioned the
apparent inability to block TCPIP ports and the subsequent posts yes
you can. AFAIK this is the first thread to suggest that approach
which should have come from MS. I'll guarantee the guy who wrote the
Blaster patch for MS didn't know how to block TCPIP ports.


"S. Pidgorny [MVP]" <> wrote in message news:<uH8tlq7ZDHA.388@TK2MSFTNGP10.phx.gbl>...
> The option was there since forever (ok, new to Windows NT 4.0 - 1996). They
> cannot possibly list all workarounds - some product knowledge is required
> sometimes.
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> > I wished MS would have said something about this alternative in their
> > security bulletin a month ago. I drilled down and found the port
> > enable/disable setting which is your first line of protection if you
> > don't use a firewall or couldn't install the patch.
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