Re: 75% of my segment traffic is name resolution...

From: Eric Fitzgerald [MSFT] (
Date: 06/28/03

Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 18:34:48 -0700

This doesn't sound right, but is your PDC also a DNS or WINS server?


"Faustino Dina" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I have a W2k Active Directory serving my LAN. The LAN is connected to
> the outside world through a PIX firewall. On the outside I have
> another independent Active Directory PDC on W2k. The DNS of the inside
> PDC is configured to forward the traffic to the otutside DNS. Each DNS
> server run on the AD PDC server.
> I installed a sniffer (Network Probe 0.4) in the segment where is
> connected the inside interface of the firewall. I realized that 3/4 of
> the traffic (in bytes) that is accounted by the sniffer is by UDP port
> 53 (DNS) and UDP port 137 (NETBIOS Name service) between both PDC
> servers(!!!). Is it correct? The 75% of my network traffic is name
> resolution? What can be wrong here?
> Thanks in advance
> Faustino

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