Re: can't open hotmail!

From: Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] (
Date: 06/17/03

Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 08:33:42 -0400

You've been hijacked....see the Darnit! reference below...

Good security housekeeping tips, in no particular order:

* See

* Go to and download AdAware...install, launch, update &
run it. This will rid your computer of spyware/adware.

* Use antivirus software ( has a freebie) and update it
regularly - at least once a week; daily if possible.

* Use a good firewall to block access to your computer from the Internet
( is a decent freebie for a standalone workstation; hardware
appliances are a better choice for networks).

* Run Windows Update regularly ( to get
all the latest patches for your operating system.

* See for lots of information on
browser hijacking and how to stop it

* Do not use Imesh or Kazaa any other peer-to-peer file sharing software,

* Do not use Hotbar.
Yasmine wrote:
> I recently had a problem with Megago. It popped up and
> asked if I wanted to reset my homepage to it. I canceled,
> but it overtook my computer anyway! I was getting cookies
> from hell! Since then, I have been unable to get into my
> hotmail. Megago offered me free email. Ya, I
> want that! I immediately reset my home page to "about
> blank". When I restarted the computer, Megago had replaced
> itself as my homepage again. Then I searched my computer
> for anything with the Megago name in it, and deleted those
> files. It never appeared in my Recycle Bin. Spooky. I set
> my IE to block cookies from Megago and propmt to accept
> other cookies when I was visiting sites that I knew relied
> on them. Still no Hotmail! Although a search does not turn
> up anything from Megago, I still can not access Hotmail!
> My husband can do so from work, but our computer is locked
> out. I have even installed Spy-bot Search and
> luck. I am getting very frustrated. If I
> ever meet anyone from Megago, I will mega kick them in the
> teeth! For the record, I think this may be a result of
> trying out an email account at I could be wrong,
> but I will NEVER go there again!
> Any suggestions? Any super-hero-tech-wiz kids that have
> better ideas than me?
> Thanks for any help!
> Yasmine