Re: anti-abuse privacy??

From: Val Brown (
Date: 06/15/03

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    Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 03:14:49 -0700

    What an excellent email. No you are right, I definitely would never open it
    but I sat and glared at it for a long time. It is really starting to tick
    me off. I am using IE 6. I have read your links and man oh man there is
    just too much for anyone to do a crash course on security and viruses and
    programs for viruses all in one bite. I like your suggestion of "plain
    text" as I am feeling very skittery about this whole thing lately. I seem
    to be inundated with viruses in the last few weeks. Who are these people
    doing it? What's their problem? Just a rhetoric question. I really didn't
    know most of what you mentioned in your email which goes to show that
    unfortunately I, and others like me, do have to kind of keep an eye on
    Microsoft alerts and whoever else gives out information on viruses. God, if
    I spend all that time looking at that stuff I won't have time for what I
    want to do.

    Anyway I do thank you for the info. Very informative.

    "Sandi - Microsoft MVP" <> wrote in message
    > Hi Val,
    > Your situation is why I have a very strong DISLIKE of Norton and McAfee.
    > "BugBear" arrives an attachment, or can be embedded in an email message.
    > If you are using Internet Explorer 5.01SP2 or IE6 you are NOT affected by
    > the vulnerability which allows your machine to be infected just by
    > previewing the message. The vulnerability is described here:
    > I do not understand why Norton is trying to force you to download a
    > Your version of OE is not affected by the 'auto-run' vulnerability,
    > therefore if you do not run the attachment (and why would you when you've
    > been told its a virus) you do not have a problem and do NOT need to run a
    > cleaner. To be absolutely certain, set OE to view all messages as 'plain
    > text' and there is no way for any script to execute when you view a
    > in the preview pane.
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    > "Val Brown" <> wrote in message
    > news:uUl5ZHuMDHA.1624@tk2msftngp13.phx.gbl...
    > > I joined in on somebody elses question about viruses in the last few
    > > but didn't get an answer to my last question. That is why I am posting
    > > as an original question with hopes of getting an answer.
    > >
    > > In the last few days I have been getting a few viruses coming in my
    > > Outlook
    > > Express email. Norton is catching them but "bugbear" you had to
    > > quarantine
    > > and then download the tool to fix it. I did that but I am pretty
    > > concerned
    > > now about it. I lost my last computer to the Klez and they say bugbear
    > > a
    > > relative. I have a few months old Dell Dimension P4 with Windows XP
    > > I
    > > would like to keep it going for a couple of years.
    > >
    > >
    > > Yesterday I bought McAfee Spam Killer and in its control center it
    > > me a 10 for antihacker, 10 for antivirus and 10 for anti spam and a 1
    > > antiabuse privacy as I don't have anything for that apparently. Does
    > > anyone
    > > have advice for me on that one. Should I definitely be protected
    > >
    > > Thanks.
    > >
    > >

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