Re: Impact of allowing contractors to access external e-mail (smtp)

From: DBD_Sandman (
Date: 06/13/03

Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 09:08:48 -0500

It is best just to let these people use their ISP's SMTP server. You do not
want to open yourself up to be an open relay. This is a way to control spam.
If a hacker finds your SMTP port open then they could send what ever they
wanted. I work for an ISP and it is policy that if that person is not on our
ips then they don't get to send through our servers even if we provide email
and web services. The reason for this is so we can monitor who is spamming
from our network.
Xspedius Tech Support

"Marlon Brown" <> wrote in message
> In my company we provide e-mail account for certain contractors.
> Our firewall policies doesn't allow smtp for other devices othen than our
> Exchange servers.
> We have a group of contractors that in addition to the my company e-mail I
> provided would like to access their external company e-mail. Then my
> wants me to open smtp ports for those guys.
> Can you please advise if most secure companies out there would let that
> ports to be opened for a group of users ?