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From: Super_Geek (
Date: 06/12/03

Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 12:58:00 +0100

Debster asks a question to do with PCs, Super_Geek dives in and tries to
>I have been unable to block several spam messages using
>Outlook Express' blocked sender's list because the sender
>is unspecified ("unspecified sender" or just a blank
>sender field in the header).
>Does anyone know if there is an affordable solution to
>block these unwanted emails?

1) The best way to get rid of Spam is to ignore it. NEVER try and reply
'with the word remove in the subject line...' in order to be removed.
You won't be. It's just a cheap way of validating your address.

2) Don't post your Email (home Email at least,) in newsgroups (like this
one,) and don't sign up to services which require a valid email address
(if possible.) I have an account ( which I use
for signing up for these. The services make money by selling your
address to spammers and other mailing companies. If they get that
address, then it doesn't really matter. I just use it to sign on to
there services, and presto, I never need to receive the Spam.*

3) Always tick boxes on forms which say 'I do not want to recieve
information on further products...'

*Note that it's nice to log on to (or whatever,) to
delete the reams of digital junkmail to free up some Mbs on their free

Hope this helps.

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