Re: Attachments, and Forwards

From: Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] (
Date: 06/07/03

Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2003 14:31:41 -0400

Sharron -


Also note - you will probably get a faster and more expert answer if you
post OE questions to an Outlook Express news group.

Try posting in one of these newsgroups: for OE 5.x for OE 5.5x for OE 6.x

If those groups aren't carried on the news server that's carrying this group
try using (MS's public news server that's the source
for all the microsoft.public newsgroups).

A good website for information on OE is:

Sharron Bisland wrote:
> Since I have updated my Windows program, I am no longer
> getting any Attachments or Forwards. There is always a
> banner across the top of any mail that has an attachment,
> or a Fwd. to it that OE has removed access to the unsafe
> attachments in your mail. I was being sent some business
> information on a loan, and OE removed the attachment.
> What can I do to 'undo',whatever it was that brought this
> on?
> Thank You In Advance for your help, and assistance,
> Sharron Bisland