Re: Been hacked...please help

From: Robin T Cox (
Date: 04/29/03

Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 13:35:38 +0100

Gwyn wrote:
> I was in a yahoo user voice chat room, and then someone
> asked me if I had messenger. I said yes, and then all the
> sudden these things started popping up. For example "send
> file failed" and I couldn't click "ok" it wouldn't go
> away, and more things kept popping up out of no where. I
> asked what all that was, and he replied "it's a booter
> program and you're being hacked" then I hear him
> say "check it out, there's some credit card numbers" and
> also threated to delete my "back-up files." I am really
> worried. I don't know what he found out or anything. I
> know it wasn't a joke because my computer really was
> being taken over. I wrote down his screen name and the
> chat room name (not sure how much help that would be) but
> I want to find some way to report this guy. It's very
> frusterating. If someone will please email me, with
> something, any advice, I'd appreciate it.

Report him to Yahoo! Chat. See:

I expect you have been the victim of a nasty prank via Windows Messenger.

If so, you need to install a firewall before using the Internet. A good one
for the beginner is Zone Alarm, and you can get the free version here: