Re: I dont need all this security , its way to uncompfortable

From: Robin T Cox (
Date: 04/20/03

From: "Robin T Cox" <>
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2003 10:23:21 +0100

Debbie Boomgaarden wrote:
> I have windows XP home edition. When i had seem the NET
> Framework in the updates, it led me to believe that it
> was an extra added security for the user. Now i have all
> these machine and encrytion, and levels of securty on my
> computer thaty make me feel very uncompforatable, I dont
> understand encrytion, and no i dont want to learn. I 1st,
> removed the group in add/remove programs, that didnt wirk
> so i did a system restore bACK TO WHERE i HAD NOT joined
> this, That didnt work computer tech hekped me write
> zeroes to drive and delete partions / zeries to drive/
> reload my windows. Do you know all that downloaded write
> along with me when i re-installed . How is this
> happening, Everything i go to load i get a pop up or
> encrpytion saying i cant load this with windows NT or
> winodows professional . or windows personal ..etc..( I
> havbe the original MY Gateway windows XP home edition
> with everything i need to prove its authintic, . it has
> no where to activate, i figured if i wqrote zeroes to
> drive and rteloaded i could reactivate BUT not this
> time... My programs that i used to get to set. like
> norton antivirus, get set by the service before i get to
> them This seems illegal . I set mu programs they are
> registered to me. My comoputer has like 600+ mem of IRQ
> ports it didnt use to have, and When i go to device
> manager, It shows what i have,., all my printers, driver,
> modems, sound etc etc...but when i view see hidden
> devices i get to see all the SYSTEMS devises. Fair
> enough...BUT when i view see DEVISE by CONNECTION., ITS
> ALL SYSTEMS DEVICES( none of mine.. I have 123 pages of
> computer generated stufff that started popping out of
> my my printer randomly, on further inspection it is
> actually a running log of my activity. i can give details
> if asked. Its like I got the messages through my printer
> by default that they were viewing, I feel like i no
> longer have a computer to use at home and PRIVACY is down
> the drain. How do i fix this? All my websites loaded
> with encrytion so i cant even see the regualr name of the
> url, ??
> Debbie Boomgaarden

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