What to do?

From: Esquire (esquire@samford.net)
Date: 02/21/03

From: "Esquire" <esquire@samford.net>
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 17:59:14 -0800

My Microsoft Windows PC continuously crashes, has had to
be formatted countless times due to either being hit by a
virus, or generally the files becoming corrupted over time
(as all Microsoft products seem to do).

What is the official Microsoft answer to these security
and software problems? Oh, I know, cause I've called
up... "Upgrade" they say... to the new and improved bugs
and glitches of Windows OS, of course, for a cost.

Is there no answer to having to constantly pay Microsoft
for unsecure, barely stable software?

Thank goodness I have a computer literate friend who has
pointed me to an answer... LINUX!

Two more programs left to me ported over to Linux, and I
can kiss this white elephant of an operating system good

(PS. I've noticed that on the Linux.com website, all
postings are shown and kept, even the ones critical of
Linux... be interesting to see what happens to this
posting or Microsoft.)