Security on "My Documents" folder

From: Rick (
Date: 02/21/03

From: "Rick" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 17:49:29 -0800

Sister Sean Foley,

one solution migth be to try the a utility called "Hide
Folders" which can be downloaded from:

This program lets you hide information on your system to
keep it from being seen by other people using your computer.

Hidden folders are also protected from deletion.

I have never used this software, but it sounds like it
could meet your needs.

Best of luck!

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>My computer is sometimes used by guests which I have no
>problem with BUT some of the word and excel documents are
>confidential. I would like to "hide" or "password
>protect" everything in "My Documents" and it's sub-
>Any ideas how this can be done?