Re: XP IE 6.0 home site overridden

From: MS Security (
Date: 02/15/03

Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 12:37:53 +0100
From: MS Security <>

Larry Nobs wrote:
> My home page has been MSNBC.COM for a long time. Yesterday
> a behavior started where MSNBC starts to load but then
> jumps to a site SEARCHEX.COM. I did not knowingly change
> anything to tell IE to go to this site.

yes you did, you clicked on a dialog box that popped up.

Go to google and type in adaware - install it. it will get rid of the
crapware that installed when you clicked on the box.

Now don't you feel better that many of the governements important
computers don't run windows. How secure would we be if they did things
like installing malware just from popups.

> MSNBC.COM support suggested I clear history and delete
> offline content and this does not work.
> I found a place to reject cookies to but this
> still does not stop the behavior when IE starts up. If I
> click on the home icon after startup it does go to
> Something has "hacked" my IE. I ran a full virus scan
> from the Norton site and no viruses were found.
> Is this a known problem? Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Larry Nobs