Re: fire wall settings

From: adam (
Date: 12/29/02

From: "adam" <>
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 17:27:14 -0800


I have tried that. Despite setting a new rule that should
allow all trafic from my second computer (identified with
its IP address) using TCP and/or TCP/UDP) - it does not
work. It lists all attempts as attacts.

I have sent the vendor a mail on Thursday and am waiting.
I have posted the question just in case somebody knows the

Pc-cillin 2003 is a new product and it may be a bug in the

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>I have no experience with PC-cillin firewall, but check
the firewall logs to
>see what if anything is being blocked, then try to allow
that traffic. If
>that doesn't help, I might check the vendor's web site
for information or
>"Adam" <> wrote in message
>> I have installed PC-cillin 2003 AV and fire wall on my
>> main computer (running W2K). My second, old computer
>> is connected to the first via a cross over Ethernet
>> forming a small net, which uses only TCP/IP.
>> With the fire wall enabled I cannot access the outside
>> Internet from the second box, although I can see the
>> shared drives on the main PC. With the fire wall
>> everything works fine. This happens regardless setting
>> permanent IP addresses or auto for both, allowing
>> from the second machine, just about any thinkable
>> combination of settings.
>> Has anybody experienced similar troubles with PC-cillin
>> other fire walls?
>> Adam
>> PS: my e-mail address is fake to avoiding spam